I.B.S – Industrie Bibite San Vito is the owner of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region Mining Concession of the “SAN VITO” Mineral Water brand, as well as the official and exclusive distributor of “FONTENOCE” water, for all foreign markets and for Northern Italy.
Today, the “FONTENOCE” brand is well-known and distributed in a number of prominent foreign markets including Australia, Canada and Central America.

I.B.S. offers new customers an innovative range of “FONTENOCE” branded products, designed to satisfy the consumer at different times of the day and within different contexts.
Thanks to the company’s extensive know-how and considerable extraction potential at both sources, I.B.S. is able to meet all new customer requirements concerning the aesthetic shape and size of the bottles and their customisation, thus positioning itself as one of the leaders on the Italian market.


I.B.S. strives to introduce international and domestic customers to its water, with emphasis on its unique organoleptic and taste-relate characteristics, the direct result of a healthy and unpolluted environment.

Quality of Life!
Characteristically “MADE IN ITALY”.