FONTENOCE low mineral content water, served at the table in its ELEGANT BOTTLE and SEALED with an original airtight CAP, becomes the signature of QUALITY DINING.

The unique warm-sealed cap, which no other water producer has used, protects and preserves the taste and freshness of each bottle, adding a touch of elegance to the most refined dining experiences.

Formats: 1L. Pet 0,90L. Pet. – 0,45L. Pet


Natural or sparkling ELEGANCE. The FONTENOCE GLASS LUXURY line, bottled pure at the source, is served at some of the most refined tables in the world, in all the PURENESS OFFERED BY A GLASS BOTTLE, ENHANCED BY THE ORIGINAL AIRTIGHT CAP.

Purity is enhanced: a whirlwind of small waves, reminiscent of the currents of a spring, add movement to the surface of Fontenoce water bottles. The white glass bottle, customised by the Saint Gobain Vetri company, is crossed with spiral lines, culminating in the slender neck. A striking and highly recognisable visual and tactile design that strives to represent the full range of Fontenoce branded products, enhancing the image of a company which, in just a few years has successfully expand its market – initially confined to Calabria – throughout southern Italy.

The FONTENOCE RESTAURANT LINE is the embodiment of a true award-winning design and has been recognised with the 48th Edition PACKAGING OSCAR. 0.75 L returnable glass format.

Formats: 0,75L. Glass


The traditional Fontenoce mass-retail line is a benchmark of purity and quality to take home and enjoy every day with the family.
Formats: Pet da 2L. NATURAL – 1,5L. NATURAL and SPARKLING – 0,50L. NATURAL and SPARKLING

Utmost purity

Bottled in glass, the safest container par excellence, this line is dedicated to all Mums in search of UTMOST PURITY for their newborns and infants. FONTENOCE low mineral content water, which flows from a natural spring (without wells) at an altitude of 1,238 meters above sea level is collected and bottled without the use of accumulation tanks, at the plant located just 30 meters from the source. Microbiologically pure water at the source, Fontenoce is tested and bottled in modern FIRST USE WHITE GLASS BOTTLES, without undergoing any treatment, nor being subject to the addition of any preservatives, in compliance with current legislation on mineral water.

Formats: 1L. Glass