The low 7.8°C temperature at the source is a characteristic of deep spring water, which rises and is filtered naturally by the white granite of the Sila Mountains.

105 mg/l


Low mineral content water, characterised by a low fixed residue suitable for consumption by infants and children. Ideal for dissolving infant formula milk and for preparing foods during weaning. Recommended by the Ministry of Health. (Ministry of Health Decree no. 4123 of 16/12/2013) – Light, ideal for diuresis, urinary tract inflammations and uric acid elimination.
« Fixed residue refers to the amount of total dissolved mineral salts in 1 litre of water. It is the value that differentiates the various types of waters (Minimally mineralised 0-50 mg/l, Low mineral content water 50-500 mg/l, Mineral > 500 mg/l). Fontenoce is characterised by a fixed residue of 105 mg/l.»

0,006 g/l


Ideal for regulating the body’s water balance. Suitable for low sodium diets. Thanks to a low sodium content of 0.006 g/l, Fontenoce water is ideal for consumption by newborns, infants and children, avoiding impact to the renal burden of solutes found in infant milk formula (Ministry of Health Decree no. 4123 of 16/12/2013)*.
« If consumed in excess, sodium retains water within tissues and blocks the correct exchange of fluids between the cell and the outside, causing water retention. For low sodium and infant diets, mineral water with a sodium content of less than 20 mg/l is recommended.»

2,0 mg/l


Fontenoce is a pure water that flows in a protected and unspoilt environment within the Sila National Park, away from pollution sources, characterised by a low Nitrate content that makes it suitable for consumption by newborns, infants and children. (Ministry of Health Decree no. 4123 of 16/12/2013).
«Nitrate content is a very important nutritional parameter for the whole family. A high concentration of NITRATES is dangerous in newborns because it can lead to poor oxygen supply to the blood (methemoglobinemia). The legal limit of nitrate content in mineral water is set at 45 mg/l. This limit is lowered to 10 mg/l for water suitable for consumption by infants.»